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Corruption investigations can become entangled in a complicated mix of issues, including fraud, money laundering, financial profiles, asset recovery, mutual legal assistance requests, freezing orders, international treaties, and non-conviction-based asset forfeiture, just to name a few. Even if your anti-corruption agency enjoys great training supported by solid policies and procedures, some areas are so technical that external subject matter experts are required to offer guidance and ongoing support.

Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions can provide the subject matter experts you may need. Call 780-719-0016 to discuss your requirements for technical advice.


After working with anti-corruption experts, including prosecutors, data analysts, and criminal investigators from around the world, Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions is ideally positioned to offer anti-corruption agencies with some of the most current and reliable technical advice available. Clarium can provide your anti-corruption agency with assistance in a number of areas, including:

  • Creating a data analysis function,
  • Training intelligence and data analysts,
  • Training investigators and prosecutors on mutual legal assistance,
  • Tracing assets domestically and internationally, and
  • Legal mechanisms to seize proceeds of crime.

Find the technical advice your anti-corruption investigations and agencies require. Call Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions at 780-719-0016 when you need expert technical advice.

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