Fraud Investigations

Trusted & Experienced

Fraud Investigations

Trusted & Experienced
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Fraud can be a devastating blow that threatens your company’s very survival. Swift action is needed to collapse the fraud scheme, identify the culprits, and recover as many of your assets as possible.

Call Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions at 780-719-0016 to learn more about our qualified, experienced fraud investigation services.

For the business owner, occupational fraud can be the cancer that quickly and quietly eats away at company profits threatening the very survival of the firm. Occupational fraud happens in many ways, and no company is immune. If you suspect fraud in your business, you can depend on Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions for professional fraud investigation services…  Read more –>

Being defrauded by a stranger is bad enough. When you have been dishonestly deceived by somebody you know and trust, the psychological and emotional distress is often worse than the financial loss. Trust Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions for professional, sensitive investigations, awareness training, and litigation support…  Read more –>

Insurance providers are under constant risk of fraud committed by dishonest policyholders and, increasingly, organized crime syndicates. If you suspect insurance fraud and need to know more, call Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions…  Read more –>

Whether you are a small business in Alberta, a multi-national with operations stretching across the globe, or a state authority in a developing country, Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions offers the experience, services, products, and professional network you need. Trust Clarium to help you build your capacities to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud, corruption, and money laundering…  Read more –>

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