Ken Brander, the President and principal consultant for Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions Ltd., is a recognized subject matter expert in fraud and money laundering. He is one of the very few Canadian police officers to have held both the CFE and CAMS certifications, qualifications he still holds. Ken also provides expert litigation support and training services. Internationally, Ken works with governments and non-governmental agencies, like UNODC, to help develop good governance and anti-corruption practices by training investigators in nations like Afghanistan and Malawi.


Ken Brander founded Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions in 2014 after finishing a distinguished 25-year career with the Edmonton Police Service.

Ken's police experience included serving as a detective in specialized areas investigating:

  • fraud and economic crime,
  • money laundering,
  • organized crime,
  • proceeds of crime,
  • prostitution,
  • sexual assaults,
  • human trafficking, and
  • drug trafficking.

In 2011, Ken served 9-months with the Canadian Police Contingent investigating money laundering, corruption, and terrorist financing with the Afghan Threat Finance Cell (ATFC) in Kabul, Afghanistan. His last posting before retirement was with the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) where he successfully stood up ALERT’S Anti-Money Laundering Detail.

Fraud Investigations

After founding Clarium, Ken’s first client was the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Amid the fallout of an unfolding corruption scandal dubbed "Cashgate", Ken accepted a 60-day contract to provide specialized fraud, corruption, and major case management training to Malawi’s police and anti-corruption investigators. Ken reinforced the training with one-on-one coaching and advised investigators on specific Malawi corruption and fraud investigations.

Although Ken's most recent work has involved large-scale political fraud and corruption, he has successfully investigated occupational and personal fraud complaints throughout his career.  While the damage to a national economy caused by endemic corruption can be crippling and persistent, Ken understands that the losses suffered by a small business due to occupational fraud can be fatal. Clarium is particularly sensitive to the impact fraud could have on your business. Big business or small, government ministries or family-owned, international or local, Clarium has the experience and skills to help you detect, deter, and investigate fraud.

AML Compliance for Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones

Canada’s Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and Regulations impose a number of comprehensive legal obligations for dealers in precious metals and stones (DPMS).  Most of Canada’s DPMS are small businesses, and many are family-owned and operated. As a DPMS, your business and your passion is designing and selling beautiful jewellery. The obligation to build policies and procedures, conduct audits, and provide ongoing employee training to prevent and deter money laundering and terrorist financing can be a daunting task for a DPMS. Clarium can help you.

While serving as a criminal investigator, Ken Brander witnessed first-hand the reporting and financial intelligence provided by Canada’s reporting entities such as financial institutions, casinos, and DPMS.  He understands the value that this information brings to a police investigation, in Canada and abroad.  His experience places him in an ideal and unique position to assist DPMS like you in identifying money laundering and terrorist financing risks, creating pertinent policies and procedures, and conducting ongoing training both for you and your staff.  Whether you need a little help or a lot, Clarium is here to help. 

Clarium offers a full menu of products and services to help Canadian DPMS obtain and retain full compliance with Canada’s anti-money laundering legislation.

Litigation Support

For the legal practitioner, Clarium provides the best in professional and credible investigative support for civil fraud litigation.  Clarium knows what it takes to investigate fraud, bribery, and corruption properly.  Trust Clarium for:

  • Witness interviews,
  • Witness management,
  • Case analysis,
  • Investigation,
  • Exhibit management,
  • Suspect interviews,
  • Anton Piller and Norwich Orders,
  • Report writing, and
  • Court testimony


The space where political theory meets reality is often complex, opaque, and dangerous. Patience, persistence, and a strategic approach to building strong and legitimate investigations are the keys to progress. Over the last few years, Ken has earned experience on the front lines of the fight against corruption. He has instructed, coached, and helped investigate corruption cases in Afghanistan and Africa. The hands-on lessons he has learned shape his approach to anti-corruption investigations and capacity building.

Ken has also developed an impressive global network of professional colleagues including prosecutors, criminal analysts, and criminal investigators, each of whom brings unique expertise to the anti-corruption effort.


Ken has instructed on fraud, money laundering, and corruption at local, national, and international conferences and classrooms.  His recent assignments and presentations  include:

  • 2014:
    • Fraud, Corruption, Money Laundering courses to Malawi Police Service, Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau, Directorate of Public Prosecution, and Malawi Financial Intelligence Unit, UNODC, Malawi May-July 2014,
    • Professional Development Workshop for Heads of Investigations and Prosecution, Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre (CAACC), (1-week), Gaborone, Botswana, July 2014
    • Senior Financial Crimes Investigator Course, Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), (2-weeks), Gaborone, Botswana, February, 2014
  • 2013
    • What Every Investigator Needs to Know, Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, Edmonton Chapter, February 2013,
    • Investigating Money Laundering: What Every Investigator Needs to Know, Western Canadian Gang Conference, Edmonton, June 2013,
    • Psychologies of Fraud, Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association Annual National Conference, Toronto, October 2013,
    • Financial Crime, Money Laundering, and Corruption: An Afghan Case Study, Global Compliance Solutions Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, and Financial Crimes 9th Annual Conference George Town, Cayman Islands, October 2013,
    • Financial Crime, Money Laundering, and Corruption: An Afghan Case Study, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, Edmonton, November 2013, and
    • Financial Crime, Money Laundering, and Corruption: An Afghan Case Study, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Calgary Chapter, Calgary, November 2013.


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