Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones (DPMS) must have a compliance program that includes a thorough training component in order to satisfy Canada’s Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and Regulations. Will you know if you have met the necessary requirements?

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Customized Training

Sourcing training that meets the federal requirements can be a challenge for Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones. The training must be relevant, accessible, and ongoing. It must also be affordable, flexible, and well-received by your staff. Moreover, you want it to be effective. Beyond simply explaining the federal regulations, effective training must engage the participants and illustrate the important role that they play in identifying money laundering and terrorist financing in Canada. This type of approach builds commitment.

How can Clarium help me provide effective training that meets my AML Compliance Training requirements?

Ken Brander, the President and principal consultant of Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions, has long argued that the first people to recognize a money laundering scheme are the people working the front lines in Canada’s banks, casinos, and jewellery stores. These folks identify the money launderers long before the police become involved. They have first contact with the money launderer, and, in many ways, are Canada’s first line of defence in identifying the proceeds of crime and terrorist financing that are entering the legitimate financial system. The police need their help. You need their help. Ken has seen many examples of these front line employees identifying money laundering during his investigations in Canada and internationally. Thanks to Ken, Clarium's training services reflect the importance of front line employees for effective AML Compliance training that satisfies government requirements.

Recognizing the importance of front line employees is just one example of the unique understanding that Clarium brings to its AML Compliance training services. Clarium offers Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones a number of training options for effective training that helps earn and retain regulatory compliance:

  • Customized and flexible, on-site, personal training workshops for your staff members,
  • Customized Employee E- Training Manual (to meet ongoing training program requirements),
  • Customized Training Register (to record and demonstrate on-going training),
  • Subscription to Clarium Quarterly newsletter (to meet ongoing training program requirements,
  • Subscription to Clarium Alert (e-mail notification of important compliance issues to meet ongoing training program requirements), and
  • Subscription to Clarium Help Line (to respond to compliance questions).

Effective training lays the foundation for a reliable AML compliance program and dramatically increases the buy-in of your staff. You will see the difference that Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions can make. Clarium offers high quality, pertinent, on-going training that you simply cannot find in "off-the-shelf" or "do-it-yourself" AML compliance kits. You will learn from the experts through real world examples delivered by a veteran AML investigator who provides a practical perspective on regulatory requirements. Contact Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions for more details.

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