Meeting Expectations

Tall tales of ‘How we would do things in Canada, the United States, or Europe’ do little to improve the operational effectiveness of anti-corruption investigators in Africa, Asia, South America, or the Caribbean. To be effective, specialized training has to be integrated into the learner's actual situation and experience. We see the best results when we explain such topics as investigative techniques and strategies, criminal offences, and asset recovery within the context of our client’s particular situation.

Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions can help with your specific customized training requirements. Call 780-719-0016 or use the contact form on this page to discuss your customized training needs.

Why choose Clarium to assist with your customized training?

Our experience and personal network of diverse anti-corruption experts provides us the competitive advantage that is required to give anti-corruption agencies and investigators a fighting chance. Whether your anti-corruption agency is well-established or still in the early stages of development, you can trust Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions to provide your agency with customized training on:

  • Predictive indicators of money laundering,
  • Stages of money laundering,
  • Money laundering schemes,
  • Corruption and corruption schemes,
  • Psychology of fraud and development of interview themes,
  • Financial statements,
  • Financial profiles,
  • Asset tracking,
  • Case management and organization,
  • Mutual legal assistance, and
  • Exhibit handling.

Our sessions include:

  • Case studies based on our investigations,
  • Headline grabbing cases,
  • Group and individual exercises and presentations, and
  • An optional cumulative exam.

Obtain the customized training your anti-corruption agency and investigators require. Contact Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions to discuss your customized training needs.


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