Insurance companies are under constant threat from fraudsters. The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that insurance fraud costs insurers, policy holders, and Canadians over three billion dollars a year.

Call Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions at 780-719-0016 or use the contact form on this page if you are worried that your company may be a victim of insurance fraud.

How can I determine the extent of the insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is most definitely not a victimless crime. Insurance fraud not only robs shareholders and taxpayers but also drives up premiums and threatens the very financial stability of insurance providers. Healthcare insurance fraud is a particularly troublesome fraud scheme because it supports organized crime and diverts funds away from patient care, equipment, and training.

One way to combat fraudulent claims is to conduct a thorough investigation. At some point, the cost of an investigation must be weighed against the cost of the fraudulent claim. Insurers need experienced investigators they can trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

How can Clarium help me deal with insurance fraud?

Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions brings the same professionalism and experience to investigating insurance fraud as it does to all its other service and products. If you are an insurer and need assistance on your next fraud case, you can trust Clarium to:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation,
  • Interview witnesses, suspects, and co-conspirators,
  • Gather, manage, and analyze available evidence to support your case,
  • Provide litigation support,
  • Leverage a network of recently retired police detectives now serving as professional private investigators if necessary,
  • Provide specialized fraud and investigative techniques training for your staff,
  • Author professional reports that you can rely on in the boardroom and the courtroom, and
  • Complete the work on time and on budget.

Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions is available wherever you need us to be. Trust Clarium with the investigation of your next fraudulent insurance claim. Contact Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions today to discuss your insurance fraud concerns.

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