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Solutions for Litigators
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Civil litigation is sometimes the most effective method to recover assets lost to fraud. As a civil litigator, you may have difficulty finding qualified and experienced investigators to help your firm investigate and prepare cases. The costs of a botched investigation can be high for your client and your firm.

If your law firm needs litigation support, consider calling Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions at 780-719-0016.

Pursuing justice and asset recovery through the civil courts may be the most effective and efficient way for your client to deal with fraud. Find out about the professional investigative support services that Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions offers to law firms engaged in civil actions…  Read more –>

You can multiply your law firm’s resources with a professional criminal investigator to help analyze and investigate your next fraud case. There is no substitute for the experience, knowledge, and skills offered by Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions….  Read more –>

Witness testimony can make or break your case. Ken Brander, the owner and principal consultant of Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions, has spent a career interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects. Clarium capitalizes on Ken’s experience. Discover how Clarium can help your firm….  Read more –>

Increasingly, Canadian lawyers are exercising judicial authorizations, such as Anton Piller and Norwich Orders, to recover as much evidence as possible to build the strongest case they can for their clients. Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions can provide professional, expert assistance on your next Anton Piller or Norwich Orders….  Read more –>

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