Civil Fraud

Civil law firms representing victims of civil fraud face a tough reality.

  • Like the fraud victims you represent, you can’t completely rely on the police in the pursuit of justice and asset recovery. Patrol officers don’t have the time, specialized training, or expertise to conclude many fraud investigations. The specialized police units that investigate commercial crime, fraud, and corruption are understaffed, and they all apply some type of threshold to select their cases. 
  • Like the fraud victims you represent, you can’t completely rely on the criminal courts either. The court process is long and requires a very high burden of proof, making conviction a real challenge. Criminal courts focus on the offender and simply do not have much capacity to remedy the victim’s loss.
  • The victims of fraud who are your clients look to you for guidance in the best and speediest recourse for justice and asset recovery. They want and expect success.
  • As litigators, you must rely on reputable, skilled, and experienced fraud investigators to assist you in your work. Finding such investigators is not always easy.

You can trust Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions to provide your civil law firm with the best in experienced and specialized fraud investigation services. 

Call Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions at 780-719-0016 to discuss your civil fraud investigation needs.



Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions offers superior investigative skills, unparalleled domestic and international experience, and unchallenged personal integrity that separates it from its competitors. Clarium’s owner, Ken Brander, has:

For larger, more complex files, Ken draws upon a select network of highly skilled, experienced, recently retired police detectives who are also licensed investigators specializing in fraud and money laundering investigations. Like Ken, each of his associates has been tested at the highest levels of Alberta courts over the course of decades.

Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions has the personnel and investigative expertise and experience to help you achieve justice and asset recovery for your clients. Contact Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions for your civil fraud investigation work.

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