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Solutions for Employers
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Clarium provides an unbiased response to allegations of workplace misconduct. Clarium also conducts workplace assessments to help you better understand emerging concerns.

All employees have a right to a safe work environment free of physical and mental harm and abuse.  For employers, providing such an environment is a responsibility.  A serious workplace event such as sexual misconduct, harassment, or bullying can threaten the fabric of the workplace and create divisions, mistrust, and legal consequences.

Ken and his consortium of experienced investigators ensure professional, independent, transparent, and unbiased investigations.  Call Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions at 780-719-0016  to learn how we can help.

If you are an employer or if you manage a human resource department, you know that not every allegation of workplace misconduct is a crisis.  In fact, most concerns can be handled by your in-house human resource specialists.  But, when that serious allegation hits your desk, you recognize the elevated legal, financial, and reputational risks to your company. 

With so much at stake, the best solution may be to engage the services of an external investigator.  You will find none more qualified that Ken and his consortium of retired police detectives at Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions Ltd.

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Proactive employers often seek to understand and resolve issues in the workplace before events get out of hand.  Employers can only act if the underlying factors and root causes of the employee concerns are known.  But employees may not always feel comfortable or sufficiently protected to share the unredacted truth of their experiences with the employer.

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