Professional Anti-Corruption Solutions


Professional Anti-Corruption Solutions
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Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions specializes in building and improving the capacities of anti-corruption agencies and investigators working the front lines of the fight against corruption. Our experience places us in a unique position to offer practical operational support and services to state and government anti-corruption agencies. Uniquely qualified and resourced to provide a full menu of analysis and recommendations, technical assistance, training, and mentoring, Clarium is a firm like few others. Whether building an anti-corruption agency from the ground up, considering an organizational review, or seeking new training opportunities, Clarium’s diverse international team can meet your requirements.

Call Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions at 780-719-0016 for qualified, experienced anti-c0rruption services.

Capacity building for anti-corruption investigators too often begins and ends in the classroom. Undoubtedly, classroom training is an important step in building the skill set of your investigators. Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions believes, however, that the real learning takes place with sustained coaching and mentoring of anti-corruption investigators and managers. Coaching and mentoring are also the best way to ensure that classroom theory is applied to real world investigations. From the classroom to the courtroom, Clarium offers comprehensive services to state anti-corruption agencies with a focus squarely on improving the quality of criminal corruption cases…  Read more –>

Considering how important your work is, your anti-corruption agency and investigators deserve better than a ‘canned’ training course. Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions refuses to offer ‘canned’ training courses. We build our basic and advanced courses with the needs of each particular client in mind. Clarium can provide a full range of customized training for your agency and your investigators…  Read more –>

Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions believes that a disciplined, consistent, and reliable approach to anti-corruption investigations is the key to a successful prosecution. This approach is best-supported with written and supported policies and procedures for anti-corruption investigations. Clarium’s approach can help your agency build stronger corruption investigations…  Read more –>

Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions has the expertise to assist your agency and investigators with the technical aspects of investigating corruption. Our network of anti-corruption professionals is diverse and experienced on the world stage…  Read more –>

Classroom instruction is an important element in building the capacities of anti-corruption agencies and investigators, but classroom instruction alone is not enough. Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions combines classroom instruction with the close coaching and mentoring of senior management, prosecutors, and investigators to develop and improve anti-corruption skills and performance. Clarium can provide the support you need in your fight against corruption…  Read more –>

Progressive private and public enterprises utilize periodic organizational reviews of anti-corruption policies, procedures, and investigations to evaluate their progress in fighting corruption. Clarium Fraud & Compliance Solutions can leverage 25 years of real-life operational experience to ensure your organizational review gauges efficiency and effectiveness, identifies gaps requiring improvements, and assists with near and long-term organizational planning…  Read more –>

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