Solutions for Regulated Professions

Regulatory Investigations

Solutions for Regulated Professions
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Clarium is experienced at providing professional investigative services to regulated professions including health professions, teachers, and others. 

In Alberta, a number of professions are regulated by provincial legislation. The purpose of such legislation is, among other things, to:

  • Regulate the profession’s members in a manner that protects and serves the public interest.
  • Establish, maintain, and enforce standards for registration, continuing competence, and standards of practice.
  • Establish, maintain, and enforce a code of ethics.

A regulated profession is required to investigate complaints about its members’ competence and conduct including allegations of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.

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Who is Best Suited to Conduct a Regulatory Investigation

Many regulated professions can be an authoritative source on assessing the competency of their own members.  Who better to investigate the competency of a health professional than a health professional?  When investigating allegations about competency, the choice of a qualified internal investigator seems quite clear.

However, when it comes to investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual abuse by a regulated member, the choice of a qualified investigator requires a second thought.  Is another member from the same regulated profession really the best choice to investigate sexual misconduct or sexual abuse? 

Be aware that there is increasing judicial scrutiny about what constitutes a sufficient investigation by regulated professions.  Expectations are high.  A qualified investigator is one with the experience, expertise, training, credentials, and skill set appropriate for the circumstances.  The simple perception of a biased or an inexperienced investigator may be enough to challenge the reliability and findings of a regulatory investigation.  There will be times when a regulated profession needs to bring in a qualified external investigator.

Choose Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions Ltd.

Likely, the most appropriate investigator is one who has the specific training, expertise, and credibility to successfully investigate these types of allegations.  Ken and his consortium of retired police detectives have just such qualifications. 

Ken and his consortium of experienced police detectives offer regulators a reliable solution.  Each of the investigators has at least 25 years of police experience investigating criminal offences.  For decades, we have successfully investigated complex sexual assaults involving children and adults, violent offences, and other serious crimes.  We are experts at conducting difficult interviews and have testified at all levels of courts in Alberta.

Ken and all his associates demonstrate a commitment to continuing education and training in our craft.  We do not rely on stale credentials.  We invest in continued training to stay current and stay sharp. 

Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions manages complex and large investigations following the principles of the Major Case Management model of investigation.  Because our investigators are each trained and experienced operating this model, we can provide our clients with the assurance of an unbiased and professional investigation with results which can be relied upon. 

Our professional networks are broad.  When investigations require an additional brand of expertise, such as forensic digital analysis, we know just who to call.  For our clients, this means that there is no investigation too large or complex.

Each of the consortium members is an independent contractor fully licensed and insured pursuant to Alberta’s Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA).

When you need an external investigation, you will not find any investigators more qualified. Contact Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions today.

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